Home Services

•    Designing and implementing Need assessments to identify the participatory interventions in sustainable development activities in Agro/Dairy/Craft sectors at grass root level.
•    Organizing and conducting awareness and Training & Development Programmes at Producer level/stakeholder levels.
•    Analyzing the data and information to facilitate the design process of INGO/Private/Public Sectors.
•    Organizing workshops /Meetings and Exhibitions
•    Conducting Training and Development activities in Agro/Dairy sectors/Milk Processing
•    Conducting surveys and evaluation on impacts on services.
•    Creating Concept Papers/Proposal writing/Business Development
•    Design, Organize and implement  participatory training & development ,capacity building and awareness for  women and youth to empower them to  apply appropriate Technology and ICT  to develop their  skills and house hold productivity and achieving socio economic development at house hold level through sustainable livestock  and agro base development activities in their environment to eradicate poverty.