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Pasture Development


Type of Grass:                               Nutrition;


·         CO3

·         Bracaria

·         NB 21

·         Gini


Developing steps; CO3


·         Soil preparation-manual or mechanical preparation of soil after removing weeds

·         Planting pattern: 2x2 x2 ft trenches filled with coconut husk at the bottom and poultry litter or cow dung on top mixed with soil-distance 3ft each

·         Selection and removal of seedlings from a healthy bush-planting it with a proper water supply

Cheese Processing

Details yet to come

Clean Milk production


Clean Milk production

The primary factor of a quality end product is cleanliness of raw milk.

Milk in the udder of healthy animals has very little bacteria. Hence after leaving the udder only that the milk can be contaminated with bacteria if proper hygienic handling is not undertaken.

Sources of contamination include:


  • Milking Utensils – Vessels should be clean at all the time
  • The milker-Hands of milker should be cleaned and free of skin deceases
  • The air –Milking environment should be clean
  • The skin of the animal –should be cleaned and free of deceases
  • Inflamed udders- Should not milk
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