Home Pasture Development

Water supply;


·         Using  pipe borne water either with sprinkle or drip irrigation

·         Making a drain system

·         Using watering vessels

·         Diverting waste water from the cow shed

·         Preparing the land scape to save water to recharge the soil




·         Seed control at least once a month

·         Cleaning the drains

·         Removing unhealthy and unproductive bushes and replanting




·         Using waste water and cow dung from the cowshed

·         Once cut apply either cow dung or poultry litter

·         Apply 10gms of urea  per bush once in 3 months




·         Remove all the weeds whenever necessary

·         Remove all the surrounding weeds after cutting




·         Could be done in every 45 days[2.16 metric tons per acre]

·         Hand or mechanical system could be used in grass cutting




Grass feeding;

·         Using wooden boxes will save and avoid wasting

·         Chopped grass by using either good knife or electrical chopping device will improve the productivity as it minimize the wastage

·         Should feed 3-4 times per day and 10% of the body weight[ex-if the weight of the animal is 400 kgs ,he needs 40kg of grass per day].Night feeding produce best results increasing the milk yield

·         The grass should be clean and 3ithout urine and cow dung,  further fodder mixed with grass would improve the nutrition.[ex;Glidiceria]

·         Should give more grass during rainy/cold seasons